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@ejmaxwell knows how to style up our ‘hunter denim BF kingswoods’ 👌#somedayslovin
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Moons on the eve of the darkest day in 500 years, a 72minute lunar eclipse and a blood red moon #nofilter #magick #moontattoo #lunarcycletattoo #minkasicklinger (at East Side Ink)
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the first of a few mini giveaway’s i’ll be doing! thankyou so much for the huge interest in my big one … so i’m a book hoarder and in trying to make room for new reading material i’m cleaning out my shelves. i’m finding it difficult to part with these but realizing that they’ve given me what they needed and it’s time for them to find a new home.
the winner will receive:
- true spirit stories from the beyond edited by stewart robb. a collection eye-witness accounts of the supernatural. vintage paperback, used but good condition.
- the satanic bible by anton szandor lavey. no explanation needed i think? lightly used condition.
- the way of the green witch by arin murphy-hiscock. a collection of spells and rituals for the solitary witchcraft practitioner. paperback, read but basically as new.
- love magic by laurie cabot (the official witch of salem). magic and rituals to aid your relationships. light use, good condition.
- i’ll throw in some assorted fun stuff too :)
how to enter:
-like this post
-reblog this post
-open internationally
-do not change this text when reblogging, it disqualifies your entry
-i’ll pick a winner on feb 20th
-if the winner doesn’t get in touch with their address in a week’s time i’ll pick a new winner.
that is all ! keeping it simple this time. thankyou!
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Sumidero Canyon, Mexico | Travis White
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Opaque  by  andbamnan